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Check Engine Light

With advanced technology we have lot of systems integrated into our vehicles that keep a check on most of things by themselves. One of them is Check Engine Light. This feature tells us to diagnose the engine but cannot tell what exactly needs to be fixed.

We have our dedicated team of experts who diagnose the engine and provide you with best service to fix any issues or repairs required. We make sure that our customer are happy with the service we provide by adding value to your needs from us.

Engine Repair

Once we carefully assess the issues and malfunction happening in the mechanism. We provide you with the parts and service required to fix the engine. Our team is trained well and works for perfect solution to decrease the downtime and help you to start your trip back on the road as soon as possible.

They will analyze not only the engine but any additional repair or service required and will solve that for you. This helps you to drive and complete your trips successfully without any stress. We make sure that the service is provided in a timely manner so that you have your truck ready, whenever you want.

DPF Cleaning and Repairs

Along with advanced equipment and expert team for repair services, we offer you the DPF cleaning service as well. It is always better to keep the filter cleaned on regular basis so that the mechanism runs smoothly.

Cleaning filters is easy and efficient at Active Truck Center. For more details you can always get a quote and details about this service by calling at our number 123-456-7890 and someone from our team will be happy to assist you.

I-shift transmission repair & rebuilt

Regular wear and tear are a part of process. I-shift transmission helps with less utilization of fuel and is one of the most important component of motion transfer mechanism. We can check and make sure that I-shift transmission works smoothly.

Our dedicated team is expert in checking, repairing and sourcing the parts required to keep the I-shift transmission working properly for your vehicle. Depending on the work required the process and timeline for repair may vary. Please call us at our helpline number to learn more.

Safety & PM Inspections

Prevention is always better than cure. Safety checks should be done on a regular basis as it avoids all possible errors or breakdowns in near future. We provide you the service of regular safety checks for your vehicle and do assist you with the paperwork required for you records. For a better CSR rating it is mandatory to keep your vehicles safe and in good condition.

At Active Truck Center, we make sure that you have all safety inspections done correctly and efficiently for you carrier. We also guide you for the preventive maintenance for trucks and commercial vehicles and help with preparing a schedule for the monthly, every two months or 3 months of regular check for your carrier.

Specialized in Volvo and MACK also repair freightliner, Peterbilt and Kenworth.